Rep. Griffith talks about medical marijuana bill

ABINGDON, Va. - An Abingdon-based lawmaker hopes to make medical marijuana legal this year.

U.S. Representative Morgan Griffith (R-9) has proposed a bill allowing the drug for medical use. His law is one of the more conservative on this issue, requiring patients to have a prescription with a controlled dosage.

Griffith tells us while marijuana is "a dangerous substance," it's better than alternatives like morphine or hydrocodone. "We're actually putting people onto the hard stuff without trying something that is a little bit less dangerous," he said. "[Marijuana] is still a serious drug, but it's not nearly as serious as hydrocodone."

Griffith tells us that under his bill, states would be able to decide what medical conditions marijuana can be used for.

He says he's against recreational use of the drug.

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