Remembering September 11th

BRISTOL, Va. - Many people may ask where you were on September 11, but the real question is where were you watching. Americans everywhere were glued to their TVs, wondering what would happen next.

"I was in Illinois at the time and I actually was in bed asleep when everything started happening," said Amanda Frye.

Frye said that she was awoken by a phone call from her mother, who was frantic about her safety. "I was very overwhelmed by the sadness and the tragedy of it all," said Frye.

Americans all across the country were terrified from the sight seen on their televisions.

Morgan O'Quinn tells us that he was a freshman in college when the attacks happened, eating breakfast before class. "As I was coming out of the cafeteria all of the kids were huddled around the TV in the room. We all stopped to look and the first plane had hit the tower," said O'Quinn.

O'Quinn tells us that it was a quiet moment for the students, none believing what they had just seen. "All of us just sat down, it was kind of like time stood still," said O'Quinn.

We've learned that O'Quinn has been a firefighter for 11 years and he told us he is proud of the work he does. "You don't know what the day is going to hold, but if it comes down to it, laying down your life for fellow man, that's the ultimate sacrifice," O'Quinn.

Now eleven years later, Frye tells us she is teaching her children about what happened. "I actually shared with my [students] today about what had happened and to remember the people that fight for our freedom and went to save the lives of the people there," said Amanda Frye.

O'Quinn also told us that since the attacks, money for training and equipment has been more heavily given to the fire services to help protect them in the future.

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