Bristol, Tenn. -

It may sound silly, but Tuesday is National Dog Day. It's a day set aside for the appreciation of our canine friends.

So what better day to tell the story of a little dog who was everyone's friend at the Lakeshore Dock on Watuaga Lake? He died this spring, but he is forever remembered with a statue that sits in the living room of his former family.  He was know as Buster the Dock Dog.

There's just something missing at Lakeshore Marina on Watauga Lake these days, especially on the docks where all of the sailboats are tied up.

It's Buster, a little dachshund who was always around, and seemed to know if you were down. "When he was at the lake, many times somebody would be sitting in chair and he would look at them and think, 'They need somebody on their lap.' He'd jump right up on their lap just to keep these people company," owner Clark Lucas tell us.

Sadly, Buster died back in the spring, but members of the sailboat club decided to surprise Clark at the dock one day. "They made a presentation of the concrete Buster which had been painted to look just exactly like him. I was very thankful, I appreciated everybody in the sailing club for chipping in," Lucas said.

Buster's ashes are alongside, and before you think this is a little over the top you need to know that it seemed that Buster was destined to be the kind and caring dog he was. "We're about the third or fourth family he's owned, and he was a real good dog. We were told that originally when he was younger one of the people that had him had him trained as a therapy dog," his former owner learned.

Kind and considerate and also an avid sailor. "He was a sailor. He liked to go out on the sailboat. He also  liked to go out on our sixteen foot runabout and if I couldn't find on the dock, he's either in the sailboat or down below in the power boat," Lucas said.

An appreciation of not just a pet but a friend to all he met.  Happy dog day buster and happy sailing.