Woman recovers after breathing, heart problems

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Tuesday is the 5th of the month and that means it's time to ‘Live Red' for women's heart health. It's a partnership with Wellmont Health System to educate you on the signs of heart disease.

Agnes Perry is full of life and keeps everyone laughing, but a little more than a year ago she wasn't able to do anything without being short of breath and having chest pains. "They would have to call the rescue squad. They would come and get me take me to the hospital. Then they would leave and would have to call back my youngest son to come get me," adds Perry.

That's when Agnes' children made her see a cardiologist.

Dr. Arhul Sakhuja is the Medical Director of Structural Heart Disease Program at Wellmont CVA Heart Institute and he says Agnes was diagnosed with aortic stenosis. "Blood can't get out of the heart so blood starts to back up and behind the heart if you will it can back up in the lungs and people get short of breath," he explained.

Dr. Sakhuja says Agnes had a procedure that helped open her valve and get the blood flowing better. "Inside that stent is a brand new value. So now blood is getting out of the heart and less is backing up people feel less fatigue and don't have shortness of breath," he said.

Agnes tells us after the surgery shortness of breath isn't really an issue for her anymore. "I cook my own meals, and I go to the store. The only thing that bothers me now it arthritis," she told us.

Agnes says anyone who feels like something is wrong needs to see a doctor as soon as possible. "Have it checked and don't feel bad. Go ahead and have it checked," she said.

Agnes also says surrounding yourself with friends and family while going through something like this can make a big difference. She says her support system helped with her recovery.

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