"Woman in black" is from Alabama, Sullivan Co. deputies say

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - After multiple calls and Facebook posts from News 5 viewers wondering about a woman walking around the area in a black shroud, we have learned more about her identity.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office Lt. Andy Seabolt told News 5 WCYB the woman is Elizabeth Poles, 56, of Motts, Alabama. Deputies received a call on June 1 around 3:00 a.m.about a suspicious person in the area.

When investigators found her in front of the B-Mart on Highway 11W just outside Kingsport city limits, Poles claimed she was on a Bible mission and needed a ride to Winchester, Virginia.

When deputies asked the woman where she lived, she said she was from an Islamic nation and worked at the Pentagon.

Investigators determined her claims were not true.  

The sheriff's office took her to the Virginia state line so she could continue on her way to Winchester.

MAP: The "Woman In Black" has been spotted in locations all over the Southeast. These pins represent visitors to our site leaving a location in our comments.


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