Winter weather impacting travel plans

Weather impacts travel

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - There's a good chance the winter weather could change your travel plans. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled across the southeast and that's impacting airline passengers in our region.

Heading out of town for work, Jason Painter is hoping Mother Nature doesn't slow him down. "Delays with transportation can run into delays with my job," he said.

But if the snow does slow his trip, it's nothing new for this seasoned traveler. "I've been stuck at the Charlotte airport several times," he said.

Others, like Julie Howell, are heading home after vacation. Howell is hoping she's spending the night in her own bed and not in an airport. "I don't know, I'm hoping I can make it. I'd rather be stuck here than there," adds Howell.

Winter storms mean airlines cancel flights, many times ahead of snow appearing in the area, for the sake of not only travelers but airline crew members and the aircraft itself. "The airlines have really learned by experience that they just better go ahead and pre-cancel flights so they don't get their passengers stranded, get their aircraft stranded," says Melissa Thomas with the Tri-Cities Regional Airport.

If you have a flight planned in our out of the Tri-Cities Regional Airport in the next couple of days, check with your airline before you leave home.

Thomas says it's best to check the airline's website.

The two airlines going in and out of the Tri-Cities Regional Airport are:

According to their websites, both US Air and Delta have cancelled some flights for Wednesday, both in and out of the Tri-Cities.

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