Winter chill, just another day at work for some

Outdoor activities in the cold

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - If you spent any time outside Friday, you probably sprinted from the car to your office. But some people just aren't lucky enough to work inside. News 5 caught up with people that make it their job to bundle up.

It's a brisk two mile workout for Jeff Mckamey and his dog Molly, but even with a sweater some just can't seem to shake off the chills. "Bit of a shock when you get out of the car, but once you get moving it's not too bad."

But the wind is bone chilling and for road crews on Highway 36, battling that wind was just another day at work.

Over at the Johnson City Fire Department, firefighters are thankful for all the layers, insulated boots, and thick gloves. But there are a number of problems when the temperature is this frigid. "Carrying the water on the truck, in the pump, and in the pipes in the truck it will freeze eventually if you don't circulate the water and keep it moving. The same goes with hose lines," said Sergeant Todd Justice.

About 30 cars a day are washed and cleaned before they're ready to rent at the Tri-Cities Regional Airport. Garage Manager Michael Burke says he wears four layers to try and stay warm, "You've got to keep gloves on your hand to keep your hands from freezing up, your pens get cold and won't write. You've got ice and snow to deal with out there."

And even with heaters, it only gets to about 50-degrees inside the garage. Burke says he's counting down the days to spring, "As soon as this snow gets gone, we want it to stay gone."

Something you might want to think about before you head outside, frostbite. It causes numbness in your fingers, toes, cheeks, ears, and nose. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention frostbite can seriously damage the body and in some cases lead to amputation.

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