Windows XP support to end next week

We have a consumer alert for you tonight if you are using a computer that runs Windows XP.

Microsoft is ending nearly 13 years of support of the XP operating system next Tuesday, April 8 as the company gets ready to roll out Windows 9.

This means you could have trouble keeping your files safe against hackers and viruses. Kyle Baldwin, a Best Buy Geek Squad agent, tells News 5 an XP computer will still work, but you should be ready to make a change. "The next step is going to be thinking about backing up all your files, important pictures or things to transfer over to a new computer system, then sort of using it through the life of the machine is out," he said.

Baldwin says your computer will still be functional after next week, but a problem could be terminal.

Best Buy estimates more than 400 million computers currently run Windows XP.

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