Water problems continue after deep freeze

Water lines that froze during the extremely cold weather and then burst while thawing continue to create problems around the area

Buchanan County, Virginia

Buchanan County has ruptured water lines and has decided to drain the water for three areas.

Jewell Ridge, Harman, and Hurley have all had their water tanks drained and will be purged of air as water lines are repaired.

Customers that lost water have been advised to boil their water for at least one minute before drinking it.

Water being used for cleaning and bathing does not need to be boiled.

Carter County, Tennessee

Carter County Director of Schools Dr. Kevin Ward tells us portable classrooms had frozen pipes and water damage at several schools across the county, including Cloudland High School, Keenburg Elementary, and Hunter Elementary.

The main water line to Unaka Elementary and High School both froze and burst in several places along the main water lines, along with a line to the football stadium in a concession stand.

Happy Valley High school also had frozen pipes in the kitchen.

A six-inch pipe at Cloudland Elementary froze and burst, but it is now fixed.

Ward says they were lucky because no ceiling pipes broke -- no insurance claims needed to be filed and damage could have been much worse. Carter County students will likely go back to school on Monday.

Lee County, Virginia

Water problems also meant another day out of class for students in Lee County, Virginia Friday.

The superintendent tell us the public water authority is dealing with a water leak and municipal tanks are losing water.

All county schools were closed after three schools were affected: Elydale Elementary, Thomas Walker High, and Rose Hill Elementary.

James Parsons with Lee County Public Service Authority tells us water was restored to the schools Friday afternoon.

The county will have to make up five days on dates that will be determined later.

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