Warm weather a big hit in the Tri-Cities

It's a hot topic of conversation, we're talking about this amazing weather Sunday and chances are you had a hard time resisting the great outdoors.

We traveled across the Tri-Cities catching up with people working and playing in the sun.

Fixing a jet-ski may not sound like too much fun when the sun is shining. But it's part of Josh Folkner's job description at Boone Lake Marina. Although there are some perks, "We get to take it out, see how it does, and just enjoy the lake for a little bit."

But he wasn't the only one working Sunday, road crews were taking full advantage of a sunny day and working tirelessly on Highway 36 in Washington County, Tennessee.

At Lowe's in Bristol, Tennessee spring fever was in full force with shoppers picking up tools for outdoor projects. "Getting some mulch, rocks, and stepping stones to fix up around the house on a pretty day like today," said shopper Jimmy Salyer.

At Winged Deer Park people weren't exactly kicking back. "When you like soccer, it doesn't matter how the weather is," said soccer coach Rony Soto.

But this picture perfect weather is a big hit with his soccer team from Morristown, "It's not wet, so they play much better than when it's raining. It's safer, it's dry."

Over at Steele Creek Park it was packed with families, like the Kistners, spending quality time in the sun. "Go on the swing, maybe some slides. Just get some fresh air and get out of the house," said Aley Kistner with her 11-month-old son Owen.

We checked with our Storm Track 5 Weather Team and learned 59-degrees is the normal temperature for this time of year in the Tri-Cities, Sunday's high was 70-degrees. Which is more than 10-degrees above normal for most places in the Tri-Cities.

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