Veterinarians: Even though it's winter, stay up to date on flea control

BRISTOL, Tenn. - If you have a dog or cat, you may want to keep an eye out for fleas. Even though it's winter, veterinarians say it's important to stay up to date on flea control.

We checked with a local vet who says the trick to keeping your pet healthy is year-round prevention.

It's especially helpful come spring time when many animals suffer allergic reactions from flea bites.

While your cat or dog may not be spending as much time outside, fleas can still be hiding inside your home. "You need year-round protection because once you kill the adult fleas, it may be two to three, even four months, before the rest of the flea life-cycle comes around," said Doctor Mark Riehl.

News 5 also learned the best advice is to speak with your vet about flea medicine.

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