VDOT and TDOT crews working to keep roads clear

Not everyone can stay home during weather; some people have to be out on the roads, so both Virginia and Tennessee have crews out working to make sure the roads are passable.

Working day and night, crews with the Virginia Department of Transportation are trying to keep the roads clear. "Today, I've already used a load of salt this morning," says Mitchell Reedy.

Reedy is manning one of the plow trucks on the road for VDOT. While there's not a lot of snow to plow, salt and rock is being put down to help drivers. "We've got places like this where water is running across the road and it's starting to refreeze. Even though we've already treated it this morning, it's just so cold it will thaw for a little bit and it will freeze again," he told us.

Workers like Reedy are working 12-hour shifts until this round of winter weather passes, and they're not alone -- the Tennessee Department of Transportation also has crews out salting.

We're told when temperatures dip so low, salt alone just won't cut it. "Usually when it gets down to about 20 degrees, we start adding liquid calcium to our salt," explains TDOT worker David Lewis.

Lewis says adding the liquid calcium will allow the salt to work down to about zero. "It makes a big difference in how the salt will work," he said.

In addition to the salt solutions, crews will use gravel to provide traction to drivers.

Because we haven't had a lot of winter action yet, we're told both VDOT and TDOT have plenty of salt left.

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