UnitedHealthcare and Wellmont sign extension

UnitedHealthcare and Wellmont Health System have agreed to a contract extension.

The insurance company has agreed to extend the current contract until June 18th -- similar to the one Wellmont Health System signed several years ago.

For now, UnitedHealthcare patients will continue to get in-network coverage at Wellmont.

A UnitedHealthcare representative sent us the following statement about the extension:

"We remain committed to negotiating in good faith with Wellmont and look forward to making progress on the agreement in the hopes of enabling access to quality care at affordable prices for people of the Tri-Cities area. Our members can continue using Wellmont facilities as they normally do until June 18. We will continue to keep our members informed of the status of the contract and encourage them to call the number on the back of their health plan ID card if they have any questions. Our customer care team is ready to assist them."

We'll have more information as it's available.

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