Troop recognizes five new Eagle Scouts

BRISTOL, VA - It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest honor in Boy Scouts, but on Saturday a troop in Bristol, Virginia celebrated five new Eagle Scouts.

A rare feat as five young men from the same troop received their Eagle Scout award.

"It's been a hard journey but we've definitely had to do a lot of hiking a lot of camping and a lot of service," says Eagle Scout Ren Blackard.

Troop 21 in Bristol, Virginia is honoring all five men for their journey to get to this achievement.

"It's really rare to have this big of an Eagle Scout banquet. It's usually maybe at most two or three, so to have five guys and to have 120 people is really crazy," adds Eagle Scout Thad Branch.

To get to this point each scout had to complete a project.

"I cut like a mile-and-a-half of trail. It was an old logging road so there was grade and everything but I had to go and clear out the logs and underbrush that had grown up in the past 100 years it hadn't been used," says Eagle Scout John Griffith.

One scout made bird houses for a nature center, another planted trees for a historical society. We're told the projects took a lot of time and dedication.

"Overall it took me about a moth of on and off work.  Overall about 50 hours to 75 hours," says Eagle Scout Nicholas Ettore.

In the end the award brings a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of pride and maybe even a little relief.

"It's amazing. I'm really glad it's over though, there's a lot of paperwork and stuff and it just feels really good," adds Eagle Scout Nick Bush.

The new Eagle Scouts range in age from 14-18.

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