'Thundershirt' could help calm pets during fireworks

'Thundershirt' could help calm pets during fireworks

While many of you are making plans for the Fourth of July and where to go watch fireworks, veterinarians are reminding you to also make plans for your pets.

The Fourth of July is when the most pets run away or get lost, and that's because of the loud noises.

Firework displays are beautiful and have become a part of the Fourth of July tradition, but for some animals it can be a scary time. "[Our dog] doesn't like fireworks too well but we try to keep her indoors we don't take her to the fireworks displays and stuff like that," pet owner Brett Sample told us.

Sample says his dog 'Scout' isn't a fan of fireworks and it puts his normally calm dog on edge. "She gets a little skittish. She'll come set by you a little bit," he said.

In fact, many dogs and cats are scared of loud noises like fireworks and thunder, but a product known as a 'Thundershirt' could help solve some of the problems. "Dogs will settle down if they are cuddled and held in that middle quarter, so a Thundershirt works to do that very thing," adds Richard Coffey.

Richard Coffey is the owner of Pet Partners and told us more about the 'Thundershirt.' It claims to be the proven solution for dog anxiety. "It kind of moves around underneath its chest, and then you just Velcro it in under its quarter. It really just snuggles the dog," he said.

Veterinarian Kate Zimmerman says the 'Thundershirt' is a great invention that can help. "In some animals they love them. I have clients tell me just how amazing Thundershirts are for their dogs, but some other animals it doesn't make any difference at all," she said.

Zimmerman says if the ‘Thundershirt' doesn't work, do not wrap your pet in a blanket, because that can cause them to overheat.

She recommends people bring their pets inside during fireworks displays. "Get them a little box, cut a little hole in it, and give them a dark place to hide. Some place dark and as a quiet as possible," adds Zimmerman.

Zimmerman says it can be dangerous for pets outside. "You throw a firecracker, the dog fetches it -- this is a classic example of bad things that can happen," she said.

Zimmerman also says there is a higher number of dog bites around the Fourth of July weekend because some dogs are on edge.

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