Things you should know before firing up a generator

BRISTOL, Va. - With snow and ice comes the possibility of power outages, which means some will be firing up generators.

JD Horton is with Lowe's in Bristol Virginia; he says there are some things you need to keep in mind before using your generator.

Most importantly, generators are for outdoor use. Do not bring them into your home or garage, because they put out carbon monoxide.

Horton says to be sure you're not overusing the generator, because it could cause a fire. "With a bigger-wattage generator you're trying to pull a lot of watts from it, and you're running a small cord between the two. It's just going to heat the cord up, melt it, and could potentially cause a fire," he said.

Horton says one thing you can do to cut down on the amount of watts your generator is using is use more efficient light bulbs in your home, because they use lower wattage.

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