Teaching about fire prevention

BRISTOL, Va. - As this colder weather rushes into our region, fire departments are bringing up some things to be on the lookout for.

This week is national Fire Prevention Week and officials are warning about hidden dangers.

There are so many things to be doing this time of year that the whole family is headed in different directions. All of those paths bring us all back to the one place the entire family shares and needs to make a plan

It is the time of year when heat sources of all shapes and sizes fire up around our region and it is the time of year when fire departments focus on getting the word out. They say it isn't enough, however. "Fire prevention is a year-round undertaking and we practice education all year long," Bristol, Virginia Fire Department Sgt. Donald Farley said. "Especially with the kids that come through the department."

The focus on kids is for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is kids are a great way to reach entire families. "If there is a fire making sure the kids are up to speed on education about stop, drop and roll and leave the house and don't go back in," Farley added. "They can also take that lesson back home from school to their parents and make sure the entire family has a plan in case something was to happen."

"We are also coming onto the holiday season," Red Cross spokesperson Glenda Bobalik said. "So we are beginning to decorate. We are adding a lot of electrical items to the systems in our homes and that also can be a contributor."

Every year fire officials also remind us to change the batteries in smoke detectors as well about this time.

Since changing clocks back an hour for daylight savings time is put off until November this year, officials are encouraging folks to go ahead and do that.

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