Tax-free weekend to start Friday in Tennessee and Virginia

Tax-free weekend to start Friday in Tennessee and Virginia

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - A new school year is upon us, and with that comes school supply checklists. Friday starts a three-day holiday weekend in Tennessee and Virginia.

The back to school aisle at Target in Kingsport is already packed with parents and students trying to check off their supply list. "School shopping can be a little bit stressful and chaotic," says mother Candace Clay.

Candace brought her two daughters and niece to buy school supplies. Even though it's not tax-free weekend yet, she says you can still save. "If you're careful to look at the different options then you're going to get a good deal," she said.

We also talked to mom Kristina Sturgill, and she has a strategy for the weekend. "I try to get all the school supplies a few days before the tax sale just because I don't like to fight the crowd. I'd rather buy the clothes, shoes and backpacks during the sale, just because they are so much more expensive," she said.

So what exactly is included in the tax free holiday in Tennessee? "School or art supplies that are $100 or less are tax-free. Same with clothing, any piece of clothing that's $100 or less will all be tax-free. The computers that are $1,500 or less are all tax-free," says Target Team Leader Chris Manning.

Across state lines in Virginia, computers are not included. School supplies like pencils, notebooks, and markers are. So is clothing like shorts, shirts, and undergarments.

Kristina says anything that helps save a buck is a positive thing. "It gets really expensive," she said.

The sales tax holiday in both states begins Friday and runs through Sunday.

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