Suspect's name released after high-speed chase, fatal shooting

Multi-state high-speed chase

A high-speed chase that crossed state lines and into two counties and involved several law enforcement agencies came to a deadly end.

We're learning the suspect is 45-year-old Ramson McCoy, who had warrants for larceny in Washington County, Virginia and theft in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Flashing police lights filled Highway 126 near Keith Road Thursday afternoon that's where police say a multi-state high speed chase ended. "There are no fences anywhere around here, so he could've gone anywhere into the yard or killed somebody crossing 126," says Diane Howard.

Diane Howard lives around the area and she says she also heard several gunshots. "I told my husband, I said, 'That sounds like gun shots,'" she said.

The chase started in Washington County, Virginia.

Sheriff Fred Newman says Thursday morning, deputies were trying to arrest 45-year-old Ramson McCoy on felony warrants. He says McCoy sped away in a car, and that's when the chase began. "He had multiple charges. Some of the events that had occurred over the weekend, he had been pursued either on foot or in a vehicle a couple times prior to this latest incident," he said.

Sheriff Newman says McCoy led police on a long chase. "He went through some of the back roads, then came back in near Exit 74, which is near the Virginia-Tennessee line. That's when he ended up [on 126]," he said.

The chase ended in Sullivan County. Sullivan County Sheriff Wayne Anderson says that's where McCoy was shot and killed. "The suspect was either hit, or the car got hit. I'm not sure if he ran off the road. Then he came out on the officer and that's when they fired shots, and he was killed," he said.

We haven't been told which agency fired the shots at the suspect. Sheriff Newman says that will be included in TBI's investigation.

We checked with county courts and they did not have the warrants available for us to look at.

Sullivan County District Attorney Barry Staubus says the TBI will be conducting interviews, taking photographs, and continuing their investigation.

He says the investigation will then be turned over to his office. "It will be submitted for me to review and I will submit that to the grand jury to determine whether or not excessive force was used or whether or not the police were acting appropriately and what the circumstance that lead to use being here today [Thursday]," says Staubus.

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