Sunny and warm start to ski season

BEECH MOUNTAIN, N.C. - It's so warm outside it's hard to believe it's almost December 1s, but despite what the calendar says there's snow on the mountain and Beech Mountain officials are expecting a great ski season.

Whether you were on skis or a snowboard, you couldn't ask for a better day on the slopes. "You don't have to worry about getting cold, it's just you and the mountain," said snowboarder Joby Harris.

Perfect might be a better description on opening day at Beech Mountain in North Carolina. The sun was shining, there were plenty of white slopes, and lines were moving quickly, which meant more runs down the mountain.

Snowboarders say most of the time opening days are a lot different. "There's usually blowers on, you've got to wear your goggles and your whole getup, and it just makes it not much fun," added Harris.

Snow machines have been busy the last few days making snow and Beech Mountain officials say despite the warm temps, the humidity is low so that they're not concerned about snow melting during the day. "We will keep making snow at night and any chance we can because we like to get everything open by Christmas holidays," said Gill Adams, Director of Skier Services.

In fact there's an average base of 14 to 30 inches of snow right now. But remember, this is just the first day and winter is still around the bend. "The long range forecasts come from several areas and they're calling for above normal snow amounts and below normal temperatures. And wintertime doesn't actually start until the 21st of December," added Adams.

Even though there's no snow from Mother Nature, people are still cheering. "There's absolutely no ice out today. It's just perfect, I haven't fallen once," said snowboarder Heather Jenkins.

It wasn't hard to find people ditching the layers while getting a workout. "I'm sweating, I'm burning up right now. It's hot out here, one run down you'll take whatever you've got on off," said snowboarder Dylan Yankee.

Beech Mountain officials also say based on the warm weather, they will be waiting until Wednesday to make more snow.

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