Still too early to plant some flowers

BRISTOL, Va. - Even though we've had warm temperatures this week, garden experts tell us it's still too early to plant certain flowers. We still expect some cooler temperatures in April, and that could cause the plants to die.

Joanne Perkins works at Planters and Designers in Bristol. She tells us if you've already planted trees or flowers and we get a frost, you can cover them with quilts or towels. She says that will protect them.

Perkins says there are a few flowers that would be okay to plant now. "I've planted some pansies. They do really well. Snapdragons sometimes do pretty good; you might get a little bit of cold on them, but just dead head them, let them go and give them a little bit of fertilizer," she said. 

Perkins also says you can go ahead and put bulbs in the ground -- the cold will not affect them because they are insulated by the soil.

She suggests waiting until the first of May to plant seasonal flowers.

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