Stay safe when the heat's on

Additional heat can mean a greater chance for fires.

Colder weather has prompted a lot of people to get out warmer clothing and fire up the heat for the first time. As part of National Fire Prevention Week, departments all over the area are making an increased effort to get the word out about how to heat safely.

Fireplaces and electric heat are the cause of many fires, but kerosene heaters come with a set of precautions all their own according to Bristol, Virginia fireman Donald Farley. "When you do fuel them use good, clean fuel," he said. "Don't attempt to fuel them while they are running and always ensure that you are putting kerosene into the kerosene heater and not gasoline or some other flammable liquid."

Fire Prevention Week is a national campaign. The main focus this year is to be sure you have at least two planned escape routes from your home.

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