Some retailers change return policies

Holiday gift return policies

BRISTOL, Va. - According to the National Retail Federation Foundation, more than $55 billion worth of items bought during the Christmas shopping season will be returned to stores across the nation.

Chances are if you didn't get the gift you wanted, you'll be headed to stores to get something else. If you are looking to make a return, remember the process goes a lot easier if you have a receipt. However, many stores are willing to work with you by using other forms of identifications to help you with you returns.

This year return polices have changed for some stores. According to the NRF, many retailers have changed their return policies to account for an increase in return fraud; retailers could lose nearly $3 billion to return fraud during this holiday season.

Here's a list of retailers that will make some changes:

Best Buy shortened its holiday return period by nine days. Special orders are not refundable.

Sears shortened its regular return policy for major appliances from 60 to 30 days. Exchanged items are not eligible for a subsequent refund, only another exchange.

Toys "R" Us introduced an extended holiday return policy until January 25 for most items, but certain electronics purchased after November 1 must be returned by January 9.

Target plans to extend their return policy an extra 30 days after Christmas for any items brought from November 1 to December 25.

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