Shoveling heavy snow could cause heart problems

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Doctors are warning people to use caution when it comes to shoveling snow.

Wednesday's snow is a heavy, wet snow; it can cause people to over-exert themselves and become injured.

Cardiologists tell us more patients come in with heart attacks after heavy snows, so they're urging people to use a small shovel, take breaks, and drink plenty of water. "If you are operating in 'first and second gear,' and you kick it into 'fourth and fifth gear,' your blood pressure shoots up, the adrenaline shoots up, and that's when we have problems," says dardiologist Dr. Eduardo Balcells.

Doctors say if you have chest discomfort, pain in the arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach, shortness of breath, or lightheadedness, call 911 immediately.

For more tips from the American Heart Association on how to protect yourself and your heart while shoveling snow, click here.

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