Schools in southwest Virginia implement new alert system

Washington County, Virginia schools now have a new system to notify parents of any alerts.

The system, called SchoolMessenger, will replace the "Keep in Contact" technology currently in place.

Administrators say they will phase out the old system throughout the rest of this semester.

So far, only staff have rolled over to the new system, but they plan to give parents and community members access within the next couple of weeks.

School officials tell us this new technology will improve communication from schools.

"Our previous system was good, is good, has been good, but it's not as comprehensive. This just gives us multiple ways to reach parents via email, text, phone, you know the different ways to message, plus it just gives us a broader base of communication," said Brian Ratliff, Superintendent of schools.

Ratliff tells us parents can sign up by contacting their children's school or visiting the school board website.

The Washington County School Board website is:


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