Save 911 calls for emergencies

Even though many schools and business are closing throughout the Tri-Cities because of the incoming winter storm, many folks still have to come to work in these harsh conditions.

Many places, including hospitals, police, and emergency personnel, all have to continue working in this weather. We stopped by the 911 dispatch center in Washington County, Tennessee on Wednesday afternoon; they were gearing up in case they have to stay a little longer or field a lot of calls into dispatch.

"We have to be here 24 hours a day, seven days a week," said Bob McNeill. "In the event we do get bad weather at shift change, sometimes the shift working may have to stay over until everyone gets here."

911 dispatchers have asked us to remind viewers to only call 911 incase of an emergency, like a medical emergency or a car wreck.

A power outage is not a reason to call 911 according to the dispatchers. If your power does go out, call your power company, not 911.

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