Safely starting your car early during cold weather

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - During the cold weather many of us will start our cars early before heading to work leaving the car running and nobody around to watch it.

Washington County, Virginia Sheriff Fred Newman says there are some things you need to keep in mind so children don't get inside the car and knock it out of gear, and to keep you from being a target to thieves.

Newman says and if you warm your car up outside to lock to doors. "It's a good idea to take that keyless remote off the keychain once you start the car and just lock the car up. Go back in and you don't have to worry about again certain situations like that occurring," he said.

He also says to make sure you do not start your car and leave in running inside a garage because of the threat of carbon monoxide.

Newman also wants to remind everyone to make sure your windshield is completely clear of frost and snow before pulling out of your driveway.

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