Robin Williams death raises questions about suicide prevention

Many questions have been raised about suicide, after actor and comedian Robin Williams committed suicide on Aug. 11.

News Five spoke with local experts about the warning signs of suicide. Workers with Frontier Health say there are several signs that can signal someone is contemplating suicide. 

Depression, giving away personal possessions, turning to substances, mood swings,  poor eating, and sleeping habits can all be warning signs of suicide.

Tim Perry, with Frontier Health says there is about 1,000 people in Tennessee commit suicide each year.

"Beware of the warning signs, recognize that these are serious, there is help, that it is not something someone has to live alone and deal with, without help," says Perry.

"There's help there. and so many people have overcome huge tragedies, huge situations with suicidal thoughts all along and been able to go on with normal lives."

If you or anyone you know is considering suicide, there are several ways to get immediate help.

Call Frontier Health's crisis hotline at 1-877-928-9062.

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