Rhythm and Roots Reunion weekend called 'a success'

Rhythm & Roots a success

Very few reminders are left behind of the tens of thousands of people in downtown Bristol for the 13th annual Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion.

It's still too early for an attendance total, but organizers say they're already getting positive feedback. "We're really excited. It was a successful weekend and the rain didn't hinder performances or any of those things," adds Marketing Director Charlene Baker.

Festival goers likely noticed some changes, including utilizing the Cumberland Square Park stage and moving the food vendors off of State Street. "The traffic did flow, even though we did have some craft vendors on State Street. That was one of the intentions we had with that and I think it was a success," adds Baker.

Many stores on State Street expanded and added tables and tents out front. Some even catered to the crowd, like Serendipity with their specially-designed t-shirts. "[It was] very busy, lots of people, lots of excited people were here for the weekend. They were so excited to be here for the bands. People like to be here and browse the stores," says Serendipity's Karen Walls.

Festival organizers and volunteers now have the task of reviewing surveys and finding out what fans liked and what they didn't like, and what should be changed for next year.

We've learned already crews are looking at next year's event. Within the next week the music committee is getting together to talk about booking bands for 2014.

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