Reporting power outages during winter storm

The snow storm hitting our region is expected to dump up to eight inches of snow. Power crews in Washington County, Virginia were at Exit 14 off Interstate 81 Wednesday evening keeping an eye on the lines.

Appalachian Power tells us they aren't too worried about power outages in this region. We talked to Isaac Webb with AEP, and he says their biggest concern is the wet snow accumulating on trees, which then could fall on power lines.

He tells me they aren't worried about ice in this storm; as for the cold causing a spike in heating usage, he says their grids will be able to handle it.

AEP's power outage map didn't show any problems as of 5 p.m. It's a clear map with outages happening east of our area.

Webb tells us he's already been asked to send his crews out to Roanoke, but he says they're waiting to do that until Thursday, once it's clear that we don't have any major problems.
Webb says he will be watching their power map Wednesday night from his phone in case the area does have a major outage, that way he can send crews out immediately.

If you do have a power outage, you can report it to AEP online at

You can also call one of these numbers, depending on where you're located:

Tennessee: 1-800-967-4237

Virginia: 1-800-956-4237

West Virginia: 1-800-982-4237

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