Protecting summer flowers from frostbite

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - If you're a flower gardener you may be worried this cold snap could hurt your flowers.

We checked with Evergreen Home and Garden in Kingsport and learned annual flowers like begonias, gardenias, and impatiens are most at risk.

We learned bringing potted plants indoors and covering your flowers are the best ways to protect from the frost. "You could use straw to cover them, you could use sheets, anything you have in your house that could offer a little protection. Chances of it getting cold and staying cold for a long period of time is slim," said manager Betty Moore.

Evergreen employees say covering plants with plastic is a bad idea because it actually draws in cold temperatures.

We also learned perennials, roses, and shrubs can stand the cold and should be in good shape Friday night.

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