Physicians check for mouth and throat cancer at BMS

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Some doctors were set up outside of the gates offering free medical care.

Wellmont doctors were checking fans for potential mouth and throat cancer.

This is the second year free screenings have been available at Bristol Motor Speedway. In fact, last year physicians saw 223 patients at the Spring Race.

We've learned some of the risk factors for mouth and throat cancers include smoking and tobacco use. But doctors tell us there's a startling new risk factor that's a sexually transmitted infection.

"I don't think everyone is understanding of the Human Papillomavirus and that it is a transmissible virus that we're seeing more cancers that are associated with HPV," said Oncologist, Doctor Byron May.

If you missed Saturday's event there is still a chance to see a doctor. Screenings will go from 8-1 on Sunday near the Dragway at BMS.

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