Pets and fireworks: Finding animals after July 4

Finding your pet after fireworks scare them away

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - If you have pets, you already know the effect of all of those fireworks on the Fourth of July has had on them.

Unfortunately, many get scared and run away. So how can you find them and get them home?

First of all, don't call a radio or TV station; instead, a shelter is your best bet. Social media can also help you find your faithful friends.

Fireworks are beautiful, spectacular, and loud -- very loud.

Each year following the Fourth of July many pets, especially dogs, get separated from their owners simply because fireworks scare them. "Fireworks are a big thing for the holidays but it does really stress these animals out. It scares them and actually hurts their ears as well. Things like that people don't realize," says Donna Davidson with the SBK Animal Center.

So what should you do if your pet ran off because of noise from the fireworks? "Call the area shelters and give them a description. See if anybody has turned on in or animal control has picked one up. Also I would advise them to actually go to the shelter and look because their description of a dog may be different from what we see," she said.

The Washington County, Virginia animal shelter has received plenty of calls on the July 5 concerning missing animals. "I have had eight calls about missing dogs because of the fireworks seeing if we've picked any up. I've had four people come in today wanting to know if we've picked their dogs up because of the fireworks," Kelly Tabor with the shelter said.

It's just a simple phone call to let animal control know that your pet is missing and social media is a great way to find your missing pet. "They need to leave a description of the animals so that if it does come in we can call them. We do keep a log of everything that's lost that's called in. Also we have a Facebook page, if they want to post a picture of it on Facebook, that way it gets it out there to a lot of different people," Davidson says.

The same holds true if you found a dog following Thursday night's celebrations. But again, the first place to begin your search is with your local shelter and make sure your animal has proper identification; that will speed up the process and get you and your pet reunited.

For more information about the SBK Animal Center Facebook click here.

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