Outlook for this year's pumpkin crop

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - As autumn approaches, some pumpkin farmers are beginning to pick their crops, but this year's rain may affect how many pumpkins are growing.

We talked to farmer Mike Blevins Tuesday; he grows about 3,000 pumpkins every year in Blountville. He says Tuesday was the first day he cut some crops.

He suspects this year's crop may not be as good as past years. "Based on what I'm hearing, there's probably a shortage [of pumpkins]," he said. "The price is up some because of that. I haven't heard other than talking to my [pumpkin farmer] friend this morning how many there are, but he's probably going to be off about 40 percent. He grows about 30 acres."

Blevins tells us he used some sprays to help keep mildew off of his pumpkins during this wet, rainy summer.

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