Many questions still unanswered in search for health care

Unanswered questions in search for health care

As the Secretary of Health and Human Services testifies on Capitol Hill about the new health care website, many Americans still have questions about the marketplace and how it works.

On Wednesday we talked to a local woman who has many questions and fears about health care and keeping her family safe.

She works full-time and has two teenagers, but finding healthcare for her family is proving to be a tough task. "It's a really scary situation right now. I have two children who really need medical care," says the mother of two.

The woman, who didn't want to be identified, tells us her workplace offers health insurance -- it's just at a price she says she can't pay.

She says it's $700 a month for three people plus a $5,000 deductible. "Having to pay $5,000 out of pocket before the insurance covers anything, I'm scared to death my kids aren't going to have any medical care," she said.

We asked if she's looked at the new healthcare marketplace; she says, "I waited about an hour on a screen that told me they would be with me shortly."

Now this mom says she's not sure what to do next, but is concerned about her health and the health of her children. "There are people who are in a situation where if I had to choose to buy insurance from my employer then I would not be able to afford even my home, my electric and my water, much less food and clothes for my kids," she adds.

There are resources online to help navigate the healthcare marketplace. Click here to visit our Health Care In America page.

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