Losing weight in the new year

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - If you are making a resolution to lose weight in the new year, you are not alone.

As people try to eat less and move more in 2014, we checked in with a fitness expert to find out how you can keep the goal all year long.

Tiphanie Bigham works at the YMCA in Kingsport, and she says it's a good idea to start small. "I think the first thing is to set attainable and realistic goals, because if you set a huge goal you might get upset if you don't reach it. Start with something small, like 'I want to lose five pounds', or 'I want to drink my whole 64 oz. of water today'. I think that's the first and most important thing," she said.

It's suggested to start working out slowly, maybe three times a week, and build from there.

Also, it's a good idea to have a gym buddy or partner to help keep you accountable.

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