Local woman celebrates 105th birthday

BRISTOL, Tenn. - In 1909, 27th American president William Howard Taft was in office, stamps were two cents, and Zella Roberts was born.

Roberts celebrated her 105th birthday at Broadmore Senior Living in Bristol, Tennessee on Friday. She tells us she was able to see people she hasn't seen in years from across the country.

Roberts says she was born in Boone, North Carolina on February 28, 1909. She says that day was a Sunday. She moved to Bristol after her brothers asked her in 1935.

She took a job at the Bristol Knitting Mill and, later, Cornett Dress Factory. Roberts tells us she's been here ever since.

"I've had so many wonderful days. All my life, I've had a wonderful life," Roberts says.

She says they're no secret to her long life. It's just about living on.

Staff at Broadmore tell us Roberts still gets up and dresses nicely every single day.

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