Local volunteers awarded for work by Bristol mayors

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Some of the people who make Bristol a good place to live were honored this weekend.

The 6th Annual Mayors' Award of Distinction Ceremony was held at the Paramount Center for the Arts in Bristol Sunday afternoon.

Each year Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee receive nominations of people who's volunteer work helps the Bristol Community.

There were three recipients of this year's award: Sandra Willis, Sid Oakley, and Crossroads Medical Mission 'Team Bristol.'

"You know every time we work we get a reward. It's a personal reward, because we see the people who need help so bad and it gives you peace to know that maybe you did a little bit," said Virginia Gunn for Crossroads Medical Mission 'Team Bristol.'

"I've been an adult for 45-years and you take what I've done and divide it by 45, it wasn't a lot each year. But I've just said yes to most of the requests that I've had to be involved and thankful that I have been," said Sid Oakley.

"I get a lot of blessings, somebody asked me one day where I work and I said I work a lot of places, I'm just not on anybody's payroll. But you get paid in lots of ways besides money," added Sandra Willis.

The keynote address was given by Travis Taylor of the TV show Rocket City Rednecks on the National Geographic Channel.

News 5 WCYB's Garick Zikan served as the Master of Ceremonies for Sunday's event.

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