Local schools improve safety plans

Local schools improve safety plans

How safe is your child at school? That's a question some of you are asking after another school shooting this time in New Mexico.

Dropping your child off at school has become a concern for some parents following recent school shootings. Justin Moore will send his daughter to school in a few years. "Going off to work every day and knowing that my daughter is safe while she's at school is definitely a concern of mine," he told us.

In Washington County, Virginia, sheriff's deputies like Erik Hinchey continue their 'once a day -- every day' campaign. "As we come by that school in that particular area, we will stop by and check on it. It's a part of our daily routine. We go into the school and check all the hallways and all the doors to make sure they are secure," he said.

We learned all the schools in the districts have color-coded their hallways, making it easier for deputies to respond in case there is a situation.

Andy True with Kingsport City Schools says they are also working on safety plans by adding cell phones to every classroom in the district. "The phones themselves will be pre-programmed at each school level, so a teacher's not going to have to remember phone numbers. They'll have important numbers already pre-programmed into those phones," he explained.

We learned the cell phones will not cost the system anything, because they already have a state contract with Verizon.

Parents like Justin Moore say having more security then when they where children is a good thing. "Whenever the deputy was around, everyone was on their best behavior, so that's probably a good thing," he said.

Kingsport City Schools will start having cell phones in classrooms starting in February. The first schools to get them will be Jackson, Jefferson, and Lincoln Elementary Schools.

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