Local bands get a head start

Band Camp To Start Soon...

It's the middle of July, a time of the year usually characterized by pre-season football.  But for many, it's a time to break out the instruments and get going for the upcoming marching band season. 

Our area in particular, features some powerhouse bands such as those at Dobyns-Bennett and Science Hill.  With numbers you'd normally see at a college-level, Dobyns-Bennett is coming out of the gates with nearly 380 band members while Science Hill comes out strong with 160. 

As if the numbers weren't impressive, so are their show concepts for the upcoming season.  Lafe Cook, the band director at Dobyns Bennett, tells News 5 that their concept this year is called 'Danny Boy,' a show that revolves around a boy and his troubles while going off to World War II. 

Dr. Carson Vermillion, the band director at Science Hill, tells us of their show called 'Prisms,' with each piece of music having to do with colors that come out of a prism when you shine the white light through it. 

Before they get to play their shows at competitions, there's a lot of grueling training that goes on beforehand.  That doesn't bother students like Ben Seneker at Science Hill High School.

"Through all of this hard work, you're here with your closest friends and you've done this all together," says Seneker. 

His team-mate, Kat Kleven, is the drum major who says that the constant drive to improve is what brings her back year after year.  She also says that the hard work rarely goes un-noticed.

"The football coach has actually approached my dad and said he wishes his team worked as hard as the band did."

There's no tooting of their own horns with these students, just enjoying the experience by moving to the beat of their own drums. 

If you would like your high school's band to speak on camera about the upcoming season, send an email to

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