Lawmakers react to President's speech

WASHONGTON, D.C. -      Tonight U.S. Senators from our region to give their perspective on President Obama's State of the Union address.

     U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, a Democrat from Virginia, admitted that there are challenges ahead, but focused on the accomplishments of the administration so far. "The stock market, housing starts, manufacturing, auto-sales starting to tick up, And if congress continues to do what we've been doing recently, Getting a budget deal, getting an appropriations bill done, getting a farm bill conference after many years of not making it happen, And then challenging us to build on it by passing a minimum wage increase, by dealing with the debt ceiling that's coming up later in the month, and then maybe by tackling some longer term issues like career and technical education."

     But republicans had a different take. U.S. Senator Bob Corker - a Republican from Tennessee called the speech a "poll tested talk" about hot topics, and says action speaks louder than words. "What I really pay attention to is what someone does, not what they say. And I hope over the course of the next year, we'll have the opportunity, as a nation, to fully address the fiscal issues that are so important to us, the trade issues that are so important to us. We've got an opportunity now with a little bit of a reprieve economically to really do the serious bread and butter things that the nation needs us to do."

     U.S. Representative Phil Roe from Tennessee issued this statement this evening. "The only benefit that will help these individuals in the long-term is a good-paying job. It isn't rocket science - by stopping burdensome regulations that create uncertainty for employers, investing in an all-of-the-above energy strategy that lowers costs for consumers, lowering the tax burden for hardworking families, and eliminating trade barriers, we will see private sector job growth."

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