Keep your pets safe in the cold weather

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - For those of you who have pets that are outside the majority of the time when temperatures drop like they have the past couple of days you may want to think about bringing them inside.

Veterinarian Michael Bunch with the Indian Ridge Animal Hospital says to keep a close eye on older and younger pets because they are the most at risk. Bunch says animals that are outside for the majority of their lives should be okay as long as they have a house or something to shield them from the wind. He also says to check their water bowls often because the water can freeze. Bunch says if your pet starts acting differently you may want to take it to the vet, "Do they not seem like they have a lot of energy almost if they're really sleepy or groggy in a situation like that much like a person much like a person who's getting very, very cold you'll see that type of situation."

Bunch says when the temperatures start dropping into the teens and single digits you need to bring your pet into a garage or basement if you don't want them inside your home.

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