Group offers heating assistance during severe weather

As the temperatures drop, electric bills are on the rise, and we are all feeling the pinch.

Some people in our area are being forced to go without heating their homes if they can't come up with the money to pay their bills.

The good news is an agency called Good Samaritan Ministries in Johnson City is trying help to people who find themselves in a heating crisis.
The executive director of the program tells us that as of Monday, they've helped more than 153 people pay their power bills.

At this moment another 108 households have requested assistance according to executive diretor Sarah Wells. "Of course, we are seeing the high bills [during severe weather]. Two people came in and their bill was $500 [for a small apartment], which absolutely stunning to me. We have to stop and remember there are so many that don't have the insulation they really need," she told us.

Wells also told us that many of the people who need assistance paying their electric bills also need help getting food and paying their rent.

If you happen to need assistance, you can stop at Good Samaritan ministries or call their offices at (423) 928-0288.

If you'd like to help provide relief, visit their website at for more information.

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