Grocery stores see thefts of some common items

Grocery stores see thefts of some common items

BRISTOL, Va. - It may not seem like your typical crime scene, but it turns out more people may be stealing from your grocery store than you think.

Loss prevention workers at Food City tell us thefts from grocery stores happen every day.

Three of the items taken most often: meat, baby formula and medications.

"Typically what you see is they come in and they want to get the items that customers want. The black market mirrors the legitimate market," says Daniel Sluss, a loss prevention manager for Food City.

Sluss adds he's seen a lot of different ways people try to steal items, "Ya know the kid comes in grabs a red bull in his jacket, all the way to people actually having things built to carry shoplifting items like cans of formula."

What happens after the items are taken varies, but Sluss believes a lot of it is re-sold at half of the value.

Food City is working to fight the problem. Loss prevention tells us each store has about 75 security camera and monitors in the pharmacy and meat department. There are also employees walking the aisles dressed in normal clothing and tell me they prosecute anyone they catch.

"Here at Food City we have a zero tolerance. It doesn't matter if it's a penny to 100 we want to prosecute it; we want it out of our stores," adds Sluss.

Security workers at Food City are trying to identify the people in the pictures for an investigation into some stolen food and they're asking for your help. If you recognize anyone you are asked to call the Johnson City crime stoppers at 423-434-6158.

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