GPS problems with new homes

GPS problems with new homes

If you move into a new house or housing development, can first responders find your home? What about delivery drivers trying to bring you flowers or even pizza?

New homes sometimes mean new roads. Can you find your way around, or can you be found?

We visited one new development, typed in the address of a new home into a GPS locator, and nothing showed up. We then went to the Washington County 911 dispatch to find out if first responders also find it hard to find new addresses.

Here's what we learned from director Bob McNeill: it's the responsibility of the 911 office to assign the new address. "We actually put the development on a map, draw out the lines for the different plots, and assign those addresses," he explained. "Those addresses are then given to the developers."

McNeill told us as soon as the addresses are given to the developers, they're put into the 911 system whether a home is built or not. "We always have that information available on our computers and our mapping system. They interface with each other." That ensures that first responders are prepared.

But as we punched another address into our smartphone with no luck, we realized that others might not be so connected, like Marco's Pizza driver Joseph Dalpiaz. "The new guys, when they get here at first they rely completely on GPS because they don't know the streets. The longer you're here, the better you get to know the streets," he told us.

Dalpiaz says if they can't find the address on the GPS, they have to resort to other methods. "Sometimes we have to call back to the store to talk to another driver, get them to get on a map, and find out exactly where it's located. Sometimes you have to call the customer and they have to tell you street by street which way to come," he said.

So if you're hungry or waiting a for a special delivery, make sure you give your delivery driver good directions.

If you want to update your GPS, you can visit the manufacturer's website to update your maps.

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