Golf carts becoming a popular mode of transportation at BMS

Off The Track: Golf Carts

BRISTOL, Tenn. - It's becoming a very popular mode of transportation at the Bristol Motor Speedway and other NASCAR tracks around the country.

There are small ones, large ones, fancy ones, and special ones -- we're talking about golf carts.

It's just about the only way of transportation around the campgrounds and Bristol Motor Speedway. "We always use the tram and the shuttle service. It's been really good for us, it's been excellent," says race fan Kyle McNeil.

Just about everywhere you look you see someone in a golf cart, whether it's a race fan, emergency crew, or a track employee. "It's a little easier to get through the narrow passage ways a little quicker in and out of the vehicles," says Josh Rogers who works at BMS.

Even vendors use them. "They can rent them for the weekend it helps the vendors move product from their trailer to their tent site," adds Rogers.

We found a company that goes from race track to race track just to deliver golf carts.

At the Bristol Motor Speedway we're told they have a little over 500 carts. "We transport about 16 trailer loads of golf carts between our tracks. We also have to rent outside carts from vendors to fill our needs because we don't have enough carts of our own at this point," says Terry McKee with SMI.

This transportation is something race fans have grown to expect and for some it makes their experience a little bit better. "It's very good because people that just can't walk that far it makes it very accessible," adds McNeil.

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