Fun Fest ticket prices are going up

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - The 34th annual Kingsport Fun Fest is about to begin and time is running out to get your tickets at their discounted rate.

The Fun Fest store was busy today as customers were buying apparel and tickets for the different events.

Friday, when Fun Fest kicks off, the ticket prices will go up $5 from $15 for Thursday and Friday night and $20 for Saturday to $20 and $25.

Fun Fest Director Lucy Fleming said, "We do this to encourage you. We give you a great deal if you buy early, those people who are sitting down waiting, thinking, maybe they are going to come, maybe not. You are going to end up paying more, so we are telling you come buy your tickets now.  You can get them at the Fun Fest store or you can get them online at"

They also have a unique go-to guide this year with the Fun Fest mobile app.

The app comes with a complete list of the schedule and by tagging the event, it will even send you a reminder.

The app works with Android or iOS devices, and there is a way to interact with social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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