Friday's ice causes windshield woes

BRISTOL, Tenn. - It's a job many of us were dreading Friday night and Saturday morning, we're talking about scraping your windshield. But taking short-cuts to get on the road sooner, can wind-up costing you hundreds of dollars.

We checked with Safelite Auto Glass in Bristol, Tennessee and employees say they're especially busy this weekend repairing cracked or scratched windshields from the ice we encountered Friday.

That's because drivers were trying to de-ice their windshield the wrong way.

Here's how employees say you can avoid spending hundreds of dollars on repairs this winter. "Gradually defrost your windshield so that it gradually heats up and it's not extreme temperature change. Don't ever throw hot water on a windshield, it will cause major damage," said employee Nancy Shinabarger.

We've also learned any small cracks you may have on your windshield can spread during extreme temperature changes.

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