Firefighters: Change your clock, change your batteries in smoke alarms

BRISTOL, Va. - You'll lose an hour of sleep Saturday night, but firefighters want to remind you it's a good time for some preventative home maintenance.

We checked with the Bristol Virginia Fire Department, Lieutenant Richard Thompson says now is the perfect time to check your smoke detectors and replace the batteries.

Firefighters say this simple step is the first line of defense to keep your family safe if there's a fire. "We see it very often most fires where there is a serious injury or death, it's typically because there's no smoke detector in the home or the batteries are dead," added Lieutenant Thompson.

We learned it's just as important to check your smoke detector's expiration date. Detectors need to be replaced every 10-years.

Firefighters say the sensors become weaker as the unit ages. You can find the expiration date on the back or inside the cover.

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