FDA wants changes on tanning bed warnings

Changes may be on the way to indoor tanning salons across the country -- the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is proposing tanning beds have warning labels to warn young people to not use them.

We learned one local tanning salon isn't worried about the possible changes.

Express Tanning sees customers of all ages wanting to have the summer glow. We learned around this time each year tanning picks up with younger girls. "They only tan for usually just the prom season," said Express Tanning owner Bridget Worley.

Worley says that's when they see the youngest customers. "That's just a couple of months and they're finished," said Worley.

The FDA. is worried young people aren't only tanning in limited amounts; that's why they want tanning beds to have more warnings for young people.

Worley says she already takes extra precaution. "We've always required parental consent under 16. The parent has to sign for the child that will be tanning," she explained.

Worley says tanning beds made after 1998 should already have similar warning labels on them. "All of our tanning beds already have all the warning stickers on them," said Worley.

The FDA. wants more. We learned that's because doctors say young people who tan have a 75 percent increase risk of developing melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. "The longer the exposure and the earlier the exposure, the higher the risk of developing a cancer," said Dr. Bernard Tisdale.

Tisdale is a doctor at Johnston Memorial Cancer Center. He says if teens are still going to tan there are a few things to keep in mind. "As much as they can limit it will be helpful as well as wearing sunscreen," he said.

Worley understands the concern for young people. That's why she takes extra steps to keep them informed. "I would want to sign to make sure they understand [the risks]" said Worley.

The proposed change would not prevent anyone under 18 from tanning; it would only provide a warning on the potential consequences. The change will also classify tanning beds from low to moderate risk.

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